Teacher Bursaries

Rocky View ATA Local 35 promotes professional development and teachers furthering their education. 


The Rocky View Teachers' Bursary program is intended to help offset some of the cost incurred by teachers who are enrolled in graduate studies. 

  • Eligible teachers have been actively involved in RVATA Local #35 and are enrolled in a graduate program at a recognized institution.
  • A full-time bursary of $1000 is available for those enrolled in a full-time program. Up to three may be awarded annually.
  • A part-time bursary of $400 is available for teachers enrolled in graduate courses on a part-time basis.  Up to six bursaries may be awarded annually.
  • A teacher may receive ONE of the bursaries in a five-year period.

Click to download the full-time bursary application form OR for the part-time bursary application form.