What's New at Local 35?

We have a new website coming soon! Until then, watch our social media channels for the most up-to-date information by following @rvata35 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  

This page will continue to be updated with relevant information, but no new content will be added.  You can contact communications@rockyviewlocal35.com with any questions or concerns.


You can see the archived ATA webcast from Sept. 24 regarding the McKinnon Report here. You can also read the McKinnon Report, and Cutting Through the Blue Ribbon (in rebuttal to the McKinnon Report) about how future provincial budgets could affect schools and classrooms.

If you find yourself in conversation about classroom and working conditions, the ATA has some helpful talking points for those discussions.

Members of the ATA across the province are encouraged to start writing letters to their MLAs to discuss class size and complex learning environments.  Watch your school ATA bulletin boards for more information, or click here for more information.


Oct. 3 - Executive Meeting

Oct. 9 - Nov. 1 - Project Warm Up Donations Accepted by DEHR

Oct. 17 - CSR Meeting

Oct. 21-24 - District Representative By-Election (get your ATA account to be eligible to cast a ballot)

Nov. 9 - Pre-Retirement Pension Workshop

Nov. 16 - GSA Conference